Dog’s Day Out

“These are Tibetan Mastiff dogs,” our guide Tashi told us and we pulled over for a break on the road.

“They’re HUGE!” I said, for lack of anything more witty to add.

It’s true though. The dogs at full weight are something like 130 kg, and have sharp teeth and lion-like manes. Even curled up by the side of the road next to its master, it was bigger than a Great Dane.

“Can I pet it?” I said. Pictures cost a small fee, but petting was okay, according to the dog’s master.

I rubbed its ears and marveled at its rough, shaggy fur. It looked kind of cute in a way, like a giant fur rug.

“Yeah these are good guard dogs,” Tashi said. “Guard yaks.”

“Wait they can control yaks if they want to?”

He just laughed. “Mostly they’re there to fight back the wolves. Anyway this one is just a puppy.”

Suddenly the dog looked a lot less cute.